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Top Reasons to Use Infographics

Have you ever given thought o how much information you have access to when you go online? Imagine this: Around 1.5 billion units of content is created and posted every single day. That doesn’t even include the number of Tweets made on a daily basis which is more than 140 million, by the way. Nor does it include the 2 million videos that are also uploaded each day. If you are a business owner who wants his website to stand out, perhaps you are wondering “How will I get my target audience to notice me?”

There are quite a number of answers we can give you. For now, however, let’s stick to one that we know will help you grab your target audience’s attention – Infographics. This often overlooked visualization tool is an effective and really simple way of showcasing your content in a way that can attract the attention of most people. It’s a plus that infographics are very easy to understand. That means even if your audience are always busy and don’t have enough time to read your very informative written content, through infographics, you can still relay your message.

Here are some excellent reasons for you to have infographics included in your content marketing campaigns:

Infographics Stand Out and Catch the Attention of People with Ease

We are naturally visual. After all, we are humans. We are easily drawn to visual elements. In fact, what many do not know is that for us to be able to process more than 90% of information that is absorbed by our mind, we all need to have our “optic nerve” tapped or activated. So if you believe your well-written content is not enough to capture your target audience’s attention, you might want to consider infographics.

Infographics Help Improve Brand Awareness

All well-designed infographics bear important information on the brand and clearly tell its message in a visually stimulating way. They provide an easy and effective way of improving brand awareness. In fact, if you utilize infographics properly for your brand, you can increase traffic to your website by 12% or more.

Infographics Can Increase the Number of Your Subscribers

When you look at your Facebook newsfeed, you’ll see how powerful visual content really is. Compared to plain text posts, those that include images and beautiful infographics receive more likes and comments. They get shared more, too. So if you wish to gain more subscribers and followers on your social media pages, infographics can do the trick for you.

Infographics Can Help Your Readers Understand Your Content Better

As we have mentioned, infographics are a powerful marketing tool because it has the ability to relay important information in “bite-size” pieces that are easier to comprehend for most people. Studies say clear and detailed images are more important to around 67% of consumers. Therefore, images and infographics are more likely to catch the interest of your prospects compared to lengthy product descriptions.

Because we live in a highly competitive online marketplace, you have to find ways to make your content stand out if you want to succeed. Using infographics is one sure way to get closer to your goal. Enjoy the benefits of infographics!