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Why DO Businesses Need Blogs?

Blogs. The whole concept of blogging is now way past the previous assumptions of some people that it’s nothing but a trend that will quickly fade. In fact it is now generally accepted as part of our modern culture. That’s why we’re surprised to find that there are still some businesses that refuse to or hesitate to try blogging.

How do business and blogging go together? Oh! Didn’t you know? Business and blogging are a match made in heaven!

There are actually a number of reasons why we believe every business would benefit from blogging.

Blogs Drive Traffic

Who will say no to website visitors? The very reason you put up a website is because you want people to visit and know more about you, your business, and your products or services! How will you achieve this? Yes, there would be people who would key in your brand’s name to search for it but it’s likely they are already existing customers. People search for information and you can provide them with what they need through your blogs.

Blogging not only appeals to people but to search engines as well. Whenever you write a blog post, that’s one more opportunity for your site to show up in search engines and drive traffic.

Blogging allows you to get discovered via social media too, as your blog content can be shared by people on their social network, including Facebook and Twitter. This means you are getting your business additional exposure with no extra effort.

Blogs Convert Traffic into Leads

So you now have the traffic that you want coming to your website. Is that all blogs can do? No! They also help convert traffic into leads. All you need to do is add a lead-generating call-to-action to each blog post!

Blogs Help Establish You as an Authority in Your Industry

If you regularly post content that your target customers deem helpful, that will make you an expert in their eyes. Customers like it when businesses take time to provide them with educational and entertaining blog posts.

Blogs Deliver Long-Term Results

Blogs do not rest. Unless you delete a blog post, it can get you views and leads for not just days but months or even years! You don’t have to watch over a blog for it to do its job. So you just need quality content for your job and let it do its magic!

We understand that not all business owners understand how blogs work or even if they do, they just don’t have enough time to create great content because they are busy with other aspects of their businesses. Does that mean you should pass on the benefits of blogging? Not at all! Contact Seaside Web Development and we’ll discuss with you what our blog experts can do for your business.