Blogging in 2017: Get Noticed Now!

We cannot stress enough the importance of getting your blog noticed. In fact, it is one of the keys to success that you must have. If you do not focus on making your brand unique through your blogs, how can you expect it to go anywhere?

A lot of beginners believe that the only way they can make money is by getting a good amount of traffic, and the way to get more traffic is to write posts by bulk, day in and day out. What they fail to realize is though quantity is a factor, you should not forget about quality.

If you want to get your blogs noticed, this is a simple guide that can help you achieve just that.


Some will tell you that you need to post daily to reach a larger audience. Others will argue that doing so is ineffective. What is the real deal? How does one achieve a huge readership?

It’s finding a rhythm that works for you. There are people who can create one great post every single day, while others can work on one amazing post per week. Choose the right frequency for your blog. How do you do this? Take time to figure out, analyze, and understand your threshold and build your readership from there.


You’ll find a number of blogs that you won’t last a minute reading into because they’re too generic or just plain boring. Differentiate yourself from those. Find your writing voice. Do not copy how other people in your industry talks. Instead embrace the way you talk to people you care about and apply that in your writing. If you’re funny and witty, do not suppress that. Use it to capture your reader’s attention and to keep them coming back for more.


Have you ever asked yourself why you think people should spend their precious time reading your blog? If you can give yourself a clear answer, then you are on the right track. If not, however, pause for a while and figure it out.

Aside from having informative and entertaining content, you must seriously think about your blog design. Online readers get a headache when they see a heavily cluttered page. Try to make your blog stand out through clean and simple yet captivating design.

All these may sound overwhelming especially if you’re running a business and you don’t know where you’d find time to focus on your blogs. Seaside Web Development can take care of it all for you. Call us to find out how we can give you the standout blogs that you need for your brand!