Month: October 2017

SEO Surefire Strategies that Still Work

While other people get satisfaction when their Facebook posts get a lot of likes, small businesses and marketers closely watch as numbers rise or fall on Google Analytics’ real-time page. It’s exciting to see that Google thinks your content is deserving of a good position in their search engine’s ranks. However, there may be times

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You Need Video Marketing – Here’s Why

Have you watched an online video recently? If you are like most internet users, your answer would be an easy yes. Majority of online users watch at least one video a day. You can find them everywhere – from Facebook feeds to your favourite brands’ websites. On average, a person spends hundreds of hours watching

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5 Tactics to Boost Your Social Media Reach

When the topic is about expanding social media reach, Facebook is still the platform that comes to mind. Ironically, it’s the same platform that comes up when discussing the decline of organic reach on social media. If you haven’t noticed yet, social media is now adopting its very own form of SEO. The goal, of

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Blogging in 2017: Get Noticed Now!

We cannot stress enough the importance of getting your blog noticed. In fact, it is one of the keys to success that you must have. If you do not focus on making your brand unique through your blogs, how can you expect it to go anywhere? A lot of beginners believe that the only way

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